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APOS believe that investing in the property market should be done alongside the longer term economic cycles. Property is a unique asset class and should not be treated in the same way we treat shares. It has different characteristics and is finite in quantity.  

APOS educate our clients on how property moves within the economic cycles of credit and investments. By strategically timing your investments in property we can enhance your overall property portfolio performance and increase borrowing capacity as the cycle evolves. As an investor, you are far better off using the repeating boom and bust cycle to capture the effortless advantage that is presented for the taking.

At APOS Financial Planning, we believe that each individual has a unique opportunity to leverage different types of asset classes. Property, Shares, Cash and Alternative Investments play different roles throughout the cycle and in each portfolio.

By using the Strategic Cycle Action Plan offered by APOS Financial Planning, you can leverage your portfolio to take advantage of Property which we believe is a good asset class for a complete portfolio.

Why Examine Property?

Examine Property is a research based property investment firm that assists clients to make informed decisions that suit their financial situation.

Examine believes it is not the role of the real estate agent to determine whether investing in property is right for you. Our team work in conjunction with your trusted APOS adviser to find property options that suit your pre-determined personal and financial goals and objectives.

Property Tours

Property tours are a fantastic way for investors and first home buyers to view a handful of property in a short period of time.

Hosted by Examine Property, Property Tours are great for people who are ready to buy or are planning to purchase a new property. The events are non sale pressured and are designed to empower you to make the right decision. Register your interest and be apart of the next tour.

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