The Time Factor

The Time Factor is the naturally occurring cycle that is present in all financial markets. When forecasting potential changes in trend, many technical analysts look to price and pattern analysis to assist them in guiding their investment decisions.
Benefit Through Understanding

Understanding the time factor that is present in our economy can significantly assist us to better time our investments in both property & the stock market.

Not only am I convinced that there is a Master Time Factor that exists, but I have also seen it repeat time after time.

By understanding how the Time Factor works you can use this to forecast potential turning points days, weeks, months and even potentially years in advance.

When you understand the drivers of the economy, coupling this with the naturally occurring cycles that underpins our Real Estate and Stock Market can provide you greater confidence that you are investing on the right side of the trend.

Learn Through Practical Application

I discovered the Time Factor through the study of Gann. William Delbert Gann (W.D Gann) is reported to have taken over $50 million from the stock market during his career in the early 20th century.

Gann developed the theory that there is a relationship in the market between price and time. Not only was there a connection between price and time, but what you could apply to the price you could equally apply to time.

This added rule enabled the ability to forecast future changes in trend purely based on the cyclical patterns that occurred. Understanding that human nature does not change means merely that history will repeat.

Over the following months, we will be producing educational material for you in which you can get a better understanding of how to understand and also apply the Time Factor to your investing decisions.

Time Factor Research

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Time Cycles

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