The Property Investor

Investing in property can be a very rewarding decision, moreover, it can provide an income stream for years to come. But what if there were some ‘insider’ tips you could follow to improve your odds of buying the best property on the best street.
History As The Guide

We can be sure of the repetition of the 18-year periodicity, subject to the absence of relevant overwhelming shocks to the capitalist order. Those shocks include a world war or a reduction in the privatized portion of rental flows to the point where the incentives to speculate in the land are significantly diminished. None of the responses to this latest crash alters the DNA of the capitalist system. So there is no reason to believe that past history won’t be repeated. Fred Harrison

Educated Investor

Our APOS Property Investor courses were specifically designed to give you that edge. The edge that feels like only an insider has. What if there were drivers the underpinned the property market.

Would you harness these drivers and use them to your advantage?

APOS Property Investor courses are designed to give you a practical understanding of Property, the drivers of property and tools you can use instantly to improve your odds in the property market.

Property Short-course

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Drivers of Property

Real Estate Cycle

Property Fundamentals