Superannuation is a tax-effective way to save for your retirement. It's similar to a managed fund where your money is pooled with other members' money and invested on your behalf by professional investment managers. Get the most of your superannuation within the APOS Investment Methodology.
What is superannuation?

Superannuation is a tax-effective way to save for your retirement. It is similar to a managed fund where your money is pooled with other members’ money and invested on your behalf by professional investment managers. You will not be able to access this money until you retire.

Your employer will make contributions to your super fund, and you can top it up with your own money. The government may also make contributions if you are a low-income earner.

Appointing APOS Financial Planning as your Adviser

Consider allocating your APOS Financial Adviser as your adviser on your superannuation account.

By allowing APOS Financial Planning to assist you in managing your superannuation, it will permit us to advise and review the investments of your superannuation.

Furthermore, we can work with you to ensure that your funds are allocated to the most appropriate investment vehicle for your situation, your risk profile, and your long-term goals within our strategically defined investment methodology.

Superannuation SMART Portfolios

Our unique investment methodology and proprietary trading strategy linked with broader fundamental and technical approach, allow us to strategically analyse the short and long-term trends in the market to ensure we take advantage of it within the Superannuation environment.

APOS take a longer-term view of the markets and do not look to profit from the weekly swings. APOS believe that the most significant gains are earned by capturing the longer term swings.

By combining our methodology with the Real-Estate Cycle, we have been able to successfully implement our strategy to ensure that you benefit from the effortless advantage.

You can take advantage of our methodology within our Superannuation SMART Portfolio models.



  • Shorter Term Buying & Selling Pressure
  • Shorter Term Cycle Analysis
  • Shorter Term Technical Analysis
  • Shorter Term Swing Analysis
  • Our Position Within The Longer Term Cycle


  • 18 Year Property Cycle Analysis
  • Economic Cycle Analysis
  • Decade Cycle Analysis
  • Longer Term Swing Analysis
  • Dynamic Fundamental Analysis
Model Portfolio

A Model Portfolio is an easy way to get exposure to the share market which is aligned with the investment managers trading strategy.

APOS Financial Planning adopts their trading strategy and hosts a range of Model Portfolios that suit all risk types.

As Financial Planners, we also believe it is important to seek support from other Model Managers. APOS openly offer their portfolios if we believe clients stated risk profile and goals are more suited to their Investment Style.

Cycle Investing

By investing with a dynamic and strategic point of view, you can restructure your superannuation portfolio to take advantage of the natural market cycles that occur.

Investing this way enables you to attempt market timing with the intent of outperforming the index over the long term. Investments are made according to your risk profile and are reweighted every six months.

Risk-Based Investing

Investing according to your risk profile provides you with a sound framework from which gives you diversification to ride out the market peaks and troughs over the longer term.

An investor who chooses to invest this way does not believe you can time the market but thinks that time in the market is a better option.

Your portfolio is not reweighted on a bi-annual basis and is always invested in a long-term diversified portfolio.

Combination Investing

Combination Investing with APOS Financial Planning enables you to take advantage of the cyclical nature of the markets within your Superannuation portfolio without having to ride out the longer term bear campaigns that occur.

A portfolio structured in this manner is suited for someone who wants strategic exposure to a range of investments within their risk profile but wants to protect their portfolio during downturns, thus giving APOS Financial Planning the ability to change the portfolio a 100% cash and fixed interest structure.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund

A Self Managed Superannuation Fund allows you, the Trustee, to take greater control of your superannuation funds.

This control allows trustees to have an elevated involvement and flexibility in both the management of the fund and investment choices. Within the Self Managed Superannuation environment, you can invest directly in your preferred blend of investments, such as property, shares, fixed interest, managed funds and cash.

APOS Financial Planning offers strategic and convenient investment asset allocation advice to help clients maximise returns and accomplish their retirement goals.

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