Model Share Portfolios

Investing in a defined mandate provides APOS with the ability to strategically position our clients to benefit from the Economic Cycles. Those who understand the timing the market instead of time in the market can outperform over the long term has that advantage when they invest with APOS.
Direct investments, Managed Funds and Separately Managed Accounts

Investing with APOS

APOS Financial Planning and your adviser can help you construct the right portfolio to suit your goals and appetite to risk. APOS will assist you in building a portfolio that suits your investment time horizon while incorporating our cycle investing knowledge.

The strict investment mandate APOS employes will incorporate the use of Managed Funds, Separately Managed Fund, and Direct Share Investments.

Share Market investing basics

A company will list on the Share Market with the aim to raise capital to expand their business instead of taking out additional loans. Long-term investors try to capitalise on the companies long-term growth by purchasing the shares at low prices. It is important to note that shares prices can fluctuate as the price rises and falls.

An Australian broker market enables investors to take advantage of fluctuating share prices both in  Australian and abroad. When you buy shares in a company, you become a part owner of that company. By being a part owner, you may receive a dividend from the company and also participate in the growth of the companies share price.

What is a Managed Fund?

A managed fund is one type of ‘managed investment scheme’.

In a managed fund, your money is pooled together with other investors. An investment manager then buys and sells shares or other assets on your behalf.

You are usually paid income or ‘distributions’ periodically. The value of your investment will rise or fall with the value of the underlying assets.

Managed funds can be a good investment as they:

  • Offer diversification
  • Can access a broad range of assets or markets with a relatively small amount of cash
  • Allow you to make regular contributions
  • Reduce paperwork and make completing your tax return easier
What is a Separately Managed Account (SMA)

What is a Separately Managed Account (SMA)

A Separately Managed Account (SMA) is an investment platform that gives you a professionally managed portfolio of shares and other listed securities.

Because of the way the SMA is structured you do not have the extensive administration burden associated with direct investing. You also have much more portfolio transparency than if you were to invest via managed funds.

Who owns the investments?

You (or the trustee of your superannuation fund) are the beneficial owner of the underlying securities/investments. This means that you receive the dividends and any franking credits from the underlying securities that make up your portfolio.

How are my returns paid?
Your dividends and other returns will be paid into your account. When your APOS adviser assists to set up your account, you can choose to take the dividends as cash or to reinvest them in your portfolio. If you elect to reinvest, additional shares will be purchased on your behalf and added to your portfolio.

Our unique investment methodology and proprietary algorithmic trading strategy linked with broader fundamental and technical approach, allow us to strategically analyse the short and long-term trends in the market to ensure we take advantage of what the market offers.



  • Shorter Term Buying & Selling Pressure
  • Shorter Term Cycle Analysis
  • Shorter Term Technical Analysis
  • Shorter Term Swing Analysis
  • Our Position Within The Longer Term Cycle


  • 18 Year Property Cycle Analysis
  • Economic Cycle Analysis
  • Decade Cycle Analysis
  • Longer Term Swing Analysis
  • Dynamic Fundamental Analysis
Building a Share Portfolio

Building a share portfolio should not be a daunting task. Your APOS Financial Adviser will guide you through the process of creating your share portfolio and incorporating the use of both Managed funds and Separately Managed Accounts to increase portfolio diversification and reduce the overall risk.

Compound Your Investments

The power of compounding interest is a robust strategy which you can use to increase your overall returns over the long term. By reinvesting your dividends through a Dividend Reinvestment Plan or through purchasing additional shares you can grow your portfolio at an accelerated rate, year after year.

Invest With The Cycle

Investing alongside the short, medium and long-term share market cycles can assist in directing your investments decisions, present additional analysis to decrease or increase your share portfolio or even totally sell down your portfolio. Understanding where you are within the cycle can give you an edge in the markets that assist in generating better returns over the long-term.

Model Portfolio's

A Model Portfolio is an easy way to get exposure to the share market which is aligned with the investment managers trading strategy.
APOS Financial Planning adopts their own trading strategy and hosts a range of Model Portfolios that suit all risk types.
As Financial Planners, we also believe it is important to seek support from other Model Managers. APOS openly offer their portfolios if we believe clients stated risk profile and goals are more suited to their Investment Style.

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