Finance & Risk

When it comes to borrowing to invest, it can be challenging to navigate your way through the range of loans and lenders available, which change continuously and keep up with legislation and any potential risks involved when taking out credit.
Our Proven Approach

Choosing a lender or a loan without adequate advice can be costly and could have an adverse impact your lifestyle and goals over the short to medium term. The right mentor and expertise can match the appropriate loan and its flexibility with your needs.

By continually reviewing your financial goals as they change over time, we can proactively review your loan portfolio and the lenders available to ensure you retain the best loan for your individual investment goals.

How can APOS Financial Planning help?

Regardless if you’re are buying your first home, looking to refinance your existing loan or purchasing an investment property – APOS Financial Planning will work with our partners to save you time, understand your borrowing capacity, remove the hassle of negotiating with different lenders, provide pre-approval and more importantly offer you peace of mind knowing you’re choosing the right loan facility and structure to suit your needs

APOS Finance

Our Partners

  • Optimise Debt Structure
  • Understand Your Borrowing Capacity
  • Compare Rates, Lenders & Features
  • Provide Pre-Approval
  • Borrow For First Home, Refinance, Borrow to Invest
First Home Owner

Borrowing to buy your first home is exciting, but it can be faced with many challenges. How much do I need, How much can I borrow, How much do I need to get a deposit.

What is the bank’s appetite for lending? Smooth sailing occurs when you have a team of professionals helping you and that is why APOS Finance has partnered with the best in the industry.

Property Investors

Creating your property empire involves having the right team to help you.

APOS Finance has partnered with the best in the business to assist you in getting the best loan, the best rate, the best perks all without the stress and hassle of seeing a typical banking broker.

We know that your time can be better spent on doing the things you love.


Loans and Lending offerings change on a regular basis and the knowing where to look can be a complicated and tiring task.

The APOS Finance team can assist you in refinancing your to ensure that you get the best deal that’s suited to your needs.

No matter how much you need to refinance, speak with APOS Finance today.

APOS Financial Planning & Our Partners

APOS Finance is not a lender, therefore we do not sell loans. APOS does, however, provide lending solutions for all clients ensuring debt is used to create positive outcomes in the attainment of personal goals.

APOS achieves this by partnering directly with brokers who have a proven track record of providing sound advice to clients when it comes to financing and obtaining finance. 

Our brokers are available directly through a referral only source, so we encourage you to contact us directly to find out more.