Jonathan Evans

Jonathan is a Financial Adviser and Director of APOS Financial Planning. With time on his side, Jonathan is an enthusiastic and passionate licensed adviser providing holistic advice.

Jonathan has been actively engaged in the Financial Markets for around a decade and his passion for the financial markets lead to him completing his Diploma in Financial Planning.

Through study and research of the Global Financial Crisis, Jonathan became interested and acquainted with Phillip Anderson’s work and the practical application of investing using the Economic Cycles. Jonathan has been passionate about providing advice with the intent of reaching clients goals surrounding financial freedom.

Working within traditional Financial Planning firms, Jonathan was unable to apply his understanding of the economic cycles and his expertise within the equities market. This led Jonathan to seek an alternative.

Jonathan has an Advanced Diploma in Share Trading and Investments and has a high level of experience in alternative investments.

The only way to truly succeed is through dedication and implementation.

Jonathan EvansDirector
Property Specialist

Mark Williams

Mark is an experienced Property Investor who has over twenty years experience in the Financial Services Industry. Mark is a confident and articulate communicator who builds strong professional relationships through his integrity and mutual respect.

Mark is passionate about property investment and enjoys educating investors in the cyclic movement of property.

More importantly, Mark has completed a Diploma in Property Services and a Diploma in Financial Planning & has been a keen student of the Property and Credit Cycles since reading Phil Anderson’s book “The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking” in 2009.

Educating through experience.


If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. Transparency and care build trust.  

Faizul Islam
Financing Specialist

Pat Marando

With over 30 plus years experience in the finance industry, Pat Marando, principal of PM lending Solutions Pty Ltd, has a wealth of knowledge in the residential and commercial mortgage markets.

Motivated by doing what is right for customers and the business, Pat has made it his mission to elevate both stakeholder & customer experience, driving the business to deliver strong communication, high quality customer service and solution base plan to all customers. This sets Pat and PM Lending Solutions Pty Ltd apart from other brokers and broker firms.

Pat holds a Diploma of financial Services ( Finance/Mortgage Broking Management), and in business communication. Pat is an accredited member with one of  Australia’s lending mortgage wholesalers Fast Pty Ltd and is an accredited consultant of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia. 

We are on the same journey from the beginning through to the end.

Pat Marando