What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?

Why are you struggling to get ahead – despite being well-educated and earning a good income?

You’re not alone. Thousands of Australians want to achieve financial freedom but aren’t sure where to start.

The key is to keep it simple and not overcomplicate the process.

That’s where APOS comes in.

APOS Financial Planning teaches you the fundamental skills to empower your wealth. This is known as financial intelligence.

At APOS, you’ll receive education, direction and ongoing support to improve your financial intelligence, achieve your financial goals, and become financially independent.

Using reliable and proven strategies, our team of specialists look at your individual financial needs, current financial situation, your objectives, and the resources available to you, to formulate a tailor-made strategic wealth plan, designed to create the future YOU desire.


We create a wealth or investment plan based on your financial ability and goals. However, planning alone will not guarantee success. Planning AND action is the only way to achieve financial freedom. 

With this in mind, we can:

  1. Develop your tailored wealth strategy.
  2. Manage your financial wellbeing, including debt management.
  3. Optimise superannuation investments, including SMSFs.
  4. Create effective wealth protection and insurance strategies.
  5. Boost your business profits.
  6. Build a share portfolio.
  7. Build a property portfolio.
  8. Oversee retirement planning.

Six Steps to Financial Freedom

We Educate & Work With You To:

Step 1: Establish your financial requirements, goals and objectives

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to establish your requirements. This includes your long-term objectives, as well as your available timeframe. We review any existing investment portfolios, as well as understand your attitude to risk. We will also determine if your current plans will allow you to achieve your goals.

Step 2: Formulate your wealth creation strategy

Now that we understand where you are and what you want to achieve, we help you develop a realistic strategy to help you achieve your objectives. 

At APOS, our professional, licensed and accredited team will review and analyse your current financial status. Using the data gathered, we prepare a strategic investment plan (Statement of Advice), providing you with a clear roadmap for your financial future, along with actions and milestones required to achieve your financial goals.

There are 3 micro-parts to this strategy:

Part 1


We devise an investment strategy to fit your income, timeframe and risk profile, including an action plan.

Part 2


Our finance affiliates will set up financial buffers to provide for you as market conditions change. These buffers will ensure you know where your mortgage payments come from, and that you have the financial capacity to hold on to your investments.

Part 3


If you decide to purchase property, our team of qualified accountants and solicitors will protect your assets and maximise returns. (This may include the purchase of property through a family trust or companies.) We will then devise an action plan, which could involve buying well-performing property investments through APOS’s property partners.

Step 3: Gain financial intelligence

In order to gain financial intelligence and achieve financial freedom, you must have the right mindset, knowledge and skills. By providing practical financial education and advice, APOS allows you to see that creating wealth is possible. 

We start by first educating you on the fundamental principles of creating wealth. We teach you about the economic cycle, and how to read the market and take informed action, based on where we are in the cycle. 

Education allows you to see problems and opportunities in your current situation that previously remained hidden, thus enabling you to take decisive action.

Step 4: Implement the agreed strategy

Once you gain financial intelligence, you can create a personal roadmap for success, allowing you to empower your wealth and take decisive action.

Our team and partners will walk you through each step of the implementation stage of your strategic investment plan, providing all the licensed and professional guidance and support you need, to ensure total ease and comfort. 

We can tailor your roadmap to suit your needs, providing you with as much or as little support as you require, and allow you make the right choices for your future. 


Step 5: Connect with like-minded people

Our vision is to bring together like-minded people who inspire and support each other and further develop their financial skills and abilities so they have the confidence to act. 

APOS Financial Planning holds regular specialised events that connect you with mentors and like-minded people. Your success can be hinged on you associate yourself with and APOS Financial Planning has provided you with the platform to get ahead.

Step 6: Annual performance review

Change is constant. Your lifestyle, goals and objectives will change, as will your investment goals. The investment and legislative environment will also continually change. 

Whilst the condition may change the foundation can often remain the same. Therefore, at least once a year, we will meet and review your portfolio, to ensure that the condition has the ability to align with the foundation you desire to build. 

Why We Do It

We believe everyone has a right and the ability to become financially independent and we exist to empower those clients who are serious about their financial wellbeing.

Are You Ready to Achieve Financial Freedom?

It takes a little more effort to achieve financial freedom than to live with financial mediocrity. It is not about working harder, but simply smarter. It is about focusing on an efficient, logical process to produce real results. 

If you’d like to learn more about APOS personalised wealth & investment plans, I encourage you to contact us today!
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